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Plant Replacement Guarantee

If your plants were leased, rented, or purchased from Ask for Plants, we will replace your plants during the duration of your lease, rental, or consecutive maintenance contract with Ask for Plants at no charge, subject to the terms of this guarantee, if they become sick or damaged.

Existing plants owned by the client that are covered under a maintenance contract with Ask for Plants can be replaced at 10% over supplier cost under the terms of this guarantee.

Ask for Plants will not accept responsibility for the death or damage of any plant that occurs from agents that are not under its direct control. This includes death or damage due to fire, theft, or acts of God. A drop in temperature below 55°F for over a 24-hour period or an increase in temperature above 95°F for over a 24-hour period, any drop in light levels for the aforementioned time period. This shall also include fumes from but not limited to chemical cleaners, paints, etc., death or malicious and or accidental damages caused by building guests or employees. This also includes the moving of plants from their specified place without the consultation of an Ask for Plants staff member after installation has been completed.

Maintenance is defined as the cleaning, watering, fertilizing, pruning, spraying and any other acts necessary to keep the aforementioned plants healthy, well-groomed and well established within the conditions of their environment, this also includes the replacement of said plants upon deterioration or as needed. Any previously owned plants will be replaced upon deterioration at a wholesale cost plus 10% handling and freight to be paid by the client.