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Ask For... Office Plants

Impress your clients and foster an invigorating, energetic workplace by adding live plants. Live plants clean the air, add a decorative touch, and have even been shown to improve morale and job satisfaction.

We specialize in plants and flowers for the office. Let us select plants and fixtures that will both compliment your office décor and work with your office’s unique environment. Many factors, including space, lighting, and temperature can influence the selection of office plants. Our expertise and years of experience allows us to select and customize a perfectly-suited selection of plants for every office.

We offer a range of plant-placement options to work with your budget and accounting needs—

  • Ownership: Purchase plants and containers from Ask for Plants. We will supply and install plants and containers, and perform upkeep and maintenance.
  • Leasing¹: We supply and maintain plants, with monthly lease payments leading to full ownership. Plants are maintained and replaced at no extra cost in the case of illness or damage².
  • Rental Service¹: Keep plants in your office with reasonable monthly payments. Plants are maintained and replaced at no extra cost in the case of illness or damage².
  • Existing Plant Maintenance: Ask for Plants can also maintain your existing plants. Sick or damaged plants can be replaced at only 10% over cost².

As the “Invisible Plant People,” our philosophy means that we are careful to fit into your office just as well as our plants do. When installing or maintaining plants, we will always come with professional business dress and demeanor that respects your clients and employees.

¹ Plant rental and lease options require purchase of plant containers and any necessary supporting hardware.

² Please see our Plant Replacement Guarantee for details.